Educational Starter Grants




With funding from The Vision Care Institute, LLC, an affiliate of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., ASCO is proud to offer Educational Starter Grants dedicated to Supporting educational research. These grants will serve to introduce and support the concepts of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Although all types of educational research projects will be considered, priority will be given to those who embrace the concepts of SoTL.

2015 Educational Starter Grant Information and Application

2013 Grant Recipients:

  • SCCO — Communicating Educational Objectives in an Optometry Course — Dr. Lawrence Stark
  • UC BERKELEY — Getting Ready for ObamaCare: Test of a Blended Method for Teaching Medical Coding — Drs. Meredith Whiteside, Dennis Fong and Robert DiMartino
  • UC BERKELEY — Flipping the Classroom-Using the Internet for Content and Classroom Contact Time for Application — Drs. Robert DiMartino, Pia Hoenig
  • PCO — Case-Based Student Performance: Socratic Method versus Passive Presentation — Dr. Lorne Yudcovitch

2012 Grant Recipients:

  • PUCO — Integration of Blended Learning into Optometric Education – Dr. Denise Goodwin, Dr. Len Hua
  • UIWRSO — Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an Online and a Face to Face Format Interprofessional Case Based Course Involving Optometry Students – Dr. Srihari Narayanan, Dr. Patricia Sanchez-Diaz
  • AZCOPT — Teaching GP Contact Lenses Concepts Through DVD Modules – Dr. Linsay Sicks, Dr. Sara Gaib
  • SUNY — Investigation of an Additional Critical Thinking Outcome Measure: The Efficacy of Critical Thinking Assessment in Predicting Clinical Success – Dr. Julie Appel, Dr. Rochelle Mozlin
  • AZCOPT — Can Three Wrongs Make a Right – PI, Dr. Adam Blacker

2011 Grant Recipient Proposals: