Practice Management Education Award

The ASCO Practice Management Education Awards were established in February 2013 to provide funding  to innovative activities and programs that augment the practice management educational experience for optometry students. The program, which offers awards of up to $2,000, funds cutting-edge, replicable programs that enhance student education, promote the success of the student as a future practitioner, and strengthen an institution’s commitment to training in practice management. Award monies enable ASCO institutions to fund seminars, outside speakers, and mentoring/guidance programs for graduating optometry students.

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Applications are not currently being accepted.


Practice Management Education (PME) Awards
Criteria and Application Information

The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) is pleased to offer the Practice Management Education Awards dedicated to supporting practice management education.

The goal of this award program is to develop and implement activities/programs that are designed to supplement the practice management educational experience for optometry students. Awards can be utilized in order to fund seminars, outside speakers and mentoring/guidance programs for graduating optometry students. The limit for funding is $2,000 per award.


The ASCO Academic Affairs Committee will review applications based on the following criteria:

  • The activity/program will enhance student education and will promote the success of the student as a future practitioner
  • The activity/program  has a sound conceptual framework that can be identified as strengthening the institution’s commitment to practice management
  • The activity/program  shows innovation
  • The activity/program is transferable, and can be of benefit to other institutions


Submit a completed application by e-mail to Carol Brubaker ( (The deadline was June 2, 2014)

    In a cover letter, include the institution’s name, program title (if one exists) and coordinator(s) with contact information. Also provide a brief description of the proposed program goals and objectives along with your target audience and a description of how this program will assist in the practice management education of optometry students.

    1. The title and purpose of the program, describing specifically the objectives and goals
    2. Proposed start date and time frame
    3. List experts, if any, his/her name, title, and organizational affiliation


  2. PROPOSED BUDGET (see below for restrictions)
    Please provide a budget with justification for each item listed.
    Budget Restrictions: The use of the award is limited to expenses related to:

    • Educational expenses of the program
    • Expert(s) honorarium, travel and accommodations
    • Audiovisual support and handout production
    • Publicity
    • Ordinary business expenses, including the planning or general overhead for the program, food, the rental space, travel, and lodging


  3. SUMMARY REPORT (completed within 30 days of the program’s completion)
    Submit a brief report summarizing the program, which can then be published in the ASCO Newsletter for others to reference.

For more information:
Carol Brubaker
Manager, Professional Affairs