Corporate Support Opportunities

For more information, please contact Christine Armstrong, Director of Development, at 301-231-5944 extension 3018 or carmstrong@opted.org.



Journal (Optometric Education)

Newsletter (Eye on Education)

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Board Meetings

Sponsors have the opportunity to address ASCO’s Board of Directors directly and interact in a social setting.

Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Clinical Optometric Methods and Procedures Instructors

International Optometric Educators

Educational Technology

Clinic Directors/Administrators

Externship Directors

Neuro-Rehab Educators

Vision Science Librarians

Ethics Educators

Development Directors

Public Health Educators

Low Vision Educators

Continuing Education Directors

Residency Educators

Binocular Vision & Perception Educators

Student Affairs Officers
Summer Institute for Faculty Development (July 2015)

This three-day workshop provides participants with an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their success in an optometric academic environment as career-long, productive faculty members. Participants are assigned to mentors throughout the workshop. Estimated 45 attendees.


Applicant Development

The ASCO/AOA Joint Project Team “Develop a Robust, Diverse, and Highly Qualified National Applicant Pool for the Doctor of Optometry Programs” will use research findings and creative concepts to help launch a national campaign intended to increase the quantity, quality and diversity of applicants to the Schools and Colleges of Optometry.

Brochures:  $8,000 – $10,000 – printing of the True Stories Booklet

Virtual Fairs: $6,500 – a unique virtual event where prospective applicants can conveniently an efficiently meet admissions representatives and interact with ASCO-accredited optometry schools and colleges in a live online event. In fall 2013, ASCO had more than 900 applicants and in the spring 2014, ASCO had close to 750.

Diversity Initiative

The Diversity Mini-Grants are designed to provide funding to the schools/colleges of optometry to increase and enhance student and faculty diversity. This program assists optometry schools in developing and implementing activities and programs that are designed to recruit and/or retain underrepresented minority students, financially disadvantaged, and first generation college students into optometry.

Marketing Graduate Education

OD-PhD faculty will be identified to serve as graduate school recruiters to speak to first year students at every school or college. To support this program, a standardized module will be developed that will be available as an online learning object.